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Change the Change will have the participation of representatives at the highest level who currently lead the social, economic, institutional and political commitment to face climate change.

President of the Government_Balear Islands (Spain)

Minister for Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing_Basque Government

Councillor for the Environment and Hydraulic Works_Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, Basque Country

"It does not make sense to continue burying valuable resources in landfill for an environmental mortgage to be the legacy for our children"

Former Director of the Climate Change Analysis and Attribution Programme_AEMET

“Combating climate change requires radical lifestyle changes"

Global Head of Responsible Business_BBVA

“Climate change cannot just be seen from the risk perspective. But also as opportunities”

Chair of the Commission for Climatology_World Meteorological Organization

"The data confirm climate change. We are probably in the warmest time since 8,000 years ago"

Minister of Climate, Sustainability and Ressources_Central Denmark (Denmark)

Managing Director for Climate and Water_Rare

"We are running out of time if we want to curb the trends that are undermining our natural systems and human societies"

Minister for the Environment and Climate Change_Lombardy (Italy)

“Our approach must not be to make life impossible for the citizens, we must fight pollution, not mobility”

PhD in Geology and Lecturer in Micropaleontology_University of the Basque Country

"The footprint we are leaving could last for millions of years"

Former Executive Director_UN HABITAT

"Sustainable urbanization can really help to prevent climate change”

Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform_Scottish Government (UK)

Secretary General for External Affairs_Basque Government

"There is a political will to work on sustainable development"

Mayor of Seville and Chair_Spanish Network of Cities for Climate

“The municipalities are the most useful instrument to combat climate change”

Head of Wholesale Banking_ING

“Sustainability is a strategic priority: we must steer our customers towards more sustainable and greener financing options”

High Commissioner for the 2030 Agenda_Government of Spain

“We are the last generation that can curb the disaster”

Deputy Mayor_City of San Sebastián

"Evidence shows climate change to be a fact and we have experienced the warmest decades in recent years"

Researcher and Coordinator of the Low Carbon Group_BC3 Basque Centre for Climate Change

“We are still in time to position ourselves to lead an energy transition that can have a very positive impact on job creation”

Secretary General at the Ibero-American General Secretariat_SEGIB

“A commitment to openness, multilateralism, the global. No Latin American country has pulled out of the climate change agreement”

Former European Commissioner for Climate Action_Chair of the Board at KR Foundation


Adaptation Strategies Divsion at Spanish Climate Change Office_Spanish Government

“The networks that connect social organisations, educational institutions, public administrations and companies need to be strengthened”

Director_Globernance Democratic Governance Institute

“The issue of climate change has become a major political and ethical controversy”

Chef of the Sea_Aponiente Restaurant, Cadiz

Global network of 1.000 women in STEMM against Climate Change_Homeward Bound

“We have to act integrally to combat climate change”

Executive Director_Greenpeace International

"People who join forces and work together, rise up together and make themselves heard are really powerful"

Secretary of State for the Environment_Government of Spain

"We are talking about guaranteeing a country’s development beyond the present; not jeopardizing the future of coming generations because we are abusing our privilege of going before"

Deputy Minister for the Environment_Basque Government

"There is a pressing need to change from the linear consumption and production model, the disposable model, to a circular model"

Professor of Ecology_University of Castilla-La Mancha

“How long do we have to stabilise this? The answer is, very little; there is no time”

Former Minister of the Environment_Government of Spain

"The GDP also has to be measured by its impact on health and the environment"

Global network of 1.000 women in STEMM against Climate Change_Homeward Bound

Director of the Corporate Sustainability Division_Global Omnium

“Climate change will continue to be a problem until we make the public aware of its real impact on essential public services”

Former Minister of Environment of Peru and Leader of the Climate and Energy Practice_WWF International

"Urgent measures need to be implemented for the rapid decarbonisation of the economy”

Ministry for Ecological Transition_Spanish Goverment

“The time is now: we are facing a need for ecological transition in Spain”


Director of Climate Change_Iberdrola

“Climate change communication and awareness-raising has to be positive"

Scientific Director_Basque Center for Climate Change BC3

"Nobody can be left out in the fight against climate change"

Minister for Environment, Nature and Agriculture_Government of Flanders

Chair of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment_London School of Economics

"Fighting Fascism was the crisis of my father’s generation. Our fight is to combat climate change. It is much more difficult as we cannot see it (…)but the solution is in our hands"

General Director of the Spanish Climate Change Office_Government of Spain

"Greater visibility must be given to possible solutions to help raise awareness"

Minister for the Environment Climate Protection and Energy_Baden-Württemberg (Germany)

“We can combat climate change effectively only if we act in concert”

Secretary General_Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development (nrg4SD)

"Local governments’ contribution to protect biodiversity is important"

Executive Director_ECODES Foundation

“Economy and ecology have to be reconciled"

Climate Change and Natural Heritage Director_Basque Government

Ven a Change the Change del 6 al 8 de Marzo del 2019