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cop 24 Katowice Gobierno Vasco

The Basque Country Government claims at COP 24 in Katowice the local and regional Climate Change adaptation and introduces Change the Change international conference

During three days Basque Country delegates represented by Elena Moreno, Vice-Minister of Environment, Basque Country will sail the commitment to reach neutrality in cutting down fuel emissions that the region may consume by 2050. The three-day agenda also contain meetings with nrg4SD and The Climate Group networks which are Basque Country allies. Change the Change International Conference on Climate Change will be introduced at the summit in Poland, in which 190 government bodies take part. This Saturday, December 15th, expires the deadline of early-bird tickets to attend the conference. 

The Basque Country is one of the most active regions facing Climate Change and so is the reason why its delegates are at COP 24 in Katowice to double the commitment on this issue. The Basque Country government is represented by Elena Moreno, Vice-Minister of Environment, who will be at the summit until Thursday as observer. The COP 24 includes government bodies, NGOs, scientist and bussiness representatives.

The first encounter at Katowice for the Basque Country has been today in The Climate Group framework, along with Under2 Coalition members where regional and states governemnts are represented to comply with global temperature goals under 2Cº. This group is made by over 220 administrations overall that broaden the 43% of the global economy. Today’s meeting motto in Katowice is ‘United for Change’.

Vice-Minister of Environment interview

Basque Country delegates agenda will continue tomorrow with the presence of Elena Moreno, Vice-Minister of Environment, on Climate Action Studio channel which is making nearly 100 interviews at COP 24 in Katowice. The Basque Country government explains also these days its policies to adapt to Climate Change. On one hand, the KLIMA 2050 strategy set in 2015 and expected to be achieved by 2050 in terms of carbon neutrality by reinforcing the actions implemented and adapting the territory to the effects of climate change.

The agenda will finish on Thsursday when is expected the meeting with nrg4SD network to adapt to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Aitor Zulueta, Basque Country Climate Change director, will be a speaker to explain the actions taken by the Basque Country Governemnt so far.

Registrations for Change the Change International Conference

The Basque Country governemnt will introduce at COP 24 in Katowice the International Conference on Climate Chage ‘Change the Change’ in San Sebastián on 6, 7 and 8 March 2019. The event, which expects to gather together 600 participants from the business world, local administration, university, technology centres, research centres, NGOs and social organisations, seeks to lead the climate change debate with top-tier speakers and to open up new opportunities for action in our environment.

On December 15th the Early-Bird reduction price for purchasing tickets will meet its deadline.